Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 10 March 2019

Lord God

we praise you that you do not look at outward appearance or actions, but into the very heart of each one of us

you know, even when other criticise us, our true motives

may all our motives be according to your gracious will for us,

for this place

and for all your people

May we always speak words of peace, reassurance, encouragement, so others may be built up, rather than torn down

and, when we hear words of negativity, shaming, criticism

speak up in love to show a different way

a way which creates, rather than destroys

a way which builds, rather than tears down

a way which loves, rather than hates

Loving Christ

you spoke words of peace, forgiveness and reassurance regularly to your followers

we thank and praise you we are counted among your disciples, through proclaiming in our hearts and on our lips “Jesus is Lord”

we are aware, we live in a time of great uncertainty

were people and places seem more divided than ever

may peace, forgiveness, reassurance be in places of tension



may the powerful and rich have hearts filled with love

that all they do, all the decisions they make

can bring peace, forgiveness, reassurance

to those who desperately need it

and may we continue to pray each and every day for those in government, local, national and international

that all their work will reflect that plan you have for the world, Lord God

where your kingdom comes and your will is done here it is in heaven