Thanksgiving and intercession 20 March 2016

Lord God

you sent your son into Jerusalem with peace, with humility, without the trappings of this world.

We give you our gratitude, our praise, our thanks of his example.

His example of love, love drawn from his relationship with you. His God and our God.

Love, the greatest gift you gave the world, the world, which was drawn forth in and through the outpouring of your love, your word, your creative breath.

Love, which we are included in, for which we cannot express in words how wonderful this is. So, we pause, in quiet awe, to show our deep appreciation for this love so freely given to each and everyone of us.


in this world, there are so many who do not know of your love, of any love.

They are torn with violence and oppression

they are abused and misused

they struggle with illness – physical and mental, with pain, with sorrow

May they, somehow, know many, many are praying for them and, like them, are wondering why.


we pray for all who stand up against oppression, injustice, intolerance, in whatever forms they may take.

Give them strength to do what is right, courage to not give up and wisdom to seek your will in all they do.

Holy spirit

breath and move and blow within this church, this community, in unexpected ways.

In ways different from the ways of the world

in ways different from how we, or others, may expect

in and through people we, or others, may not expect

To move us, to move all who love God to truly follow Jesus to the end

that God’s light may shine in and through all we do and say

that God’s peace may be taken into our homes, our streets, our work

that God’s love will be know to all people, to all creation

as revealed in and through Jesus Christ our Lord