Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 25 June 2017

There is none like you, Lord God

none to whom we can turn in the knowledge that when we call to you, you listen

In that knowledge, we offer our prayer

We thank you for all the goodness in our lives

the beauty which surrounds us

the neighbours who look out for us

the families who love us

each one enriches us, sustains us, blesses us


Lord God

we thank you for the goodness we have through living in this country

the NHS

the emergency services

care homes

schools, colleges, universities

public transport

the ability to gather to worship you openly, peacefully

the safety net of the welfare state

it’s so easy for us to take these, and many other things, for granted

or to forget they are there until we or our loved ones need them

they are a blessing for all who live in this land


Lord God

we recall before you situations and people who are in need of your grace and compassion

those who are in pain, distress, suffering, in body, mind or soul

those who put themselves in harms way for the good of others, even others who attack their way of life

those who are in such dark pits of despair they cannot glimpse the light of your goodness

those who have lost their way

those who speak out on behalf of the voiceless

those who serve in public office


Compassionate Christ

Through your holy spirit, grant to all your grace,

that all in distress may call to you for mercy and know they will be heard

and grant to us compassionate, caring hearts

especially for those we struggle to understand

due to their differing lifestyles and opinions

remind us all are invited to know your grace and mercy

to know your marvellous deeds

to know you are God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit


Lord God

there is much going on in our lives and in the world which we cannot find words to express our worry, concern, fear

we open our heartfelt pleas to you, expressing in silence that for which there are no words


Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer

offered in and through Jesus Christ our Lord