Opening prayer 5 August 2016

Father God

Lord and ruler and King of all heaven and earth

of all that was and is and is yet to be

To you be all praise and glory and honour now and forevermore

You are the source of all our riches, our hearts’ desire, the place where our treasure is stored

You are the source of the infinite beauty and spectacle of creation which is around us

which changes from hour to hour, day to day, season to season, in the pattern of the world you wove into the skies, the rocks, the birds, the trees

and into us, your people, made in your image and granted a special place in your world

a place to know you, to be ever watchful for your coming kingdom, to honour you in all we do

as Lord, Saviour, Redeemer, Friend

So we come, this day, in adoration in worship

Guide our hearts, souls and minds through the Holy Spirit that we may extol your name above all names

that we may deepen our love and trust

that we may be ready for the time when your kingdom will burst forth into the world

Christ Jesus

the one we place our hope and trust and faith in

we confess we have failed to live up to the standard you set for us

we have stored up earthly treasure

rather than giving generously to the poor

we have been selfish in thought, word and deed

looking towards our own needs, rather than that of our neighbours

we have forgotten to live as servants always awaiting their master’s return

Redeeming Christ

may we turn from the ways of the world towards your way

knowing you will help us on the way, and that you love us beyond measure, so these and all our sins are washed away and we are made white as snow

All this we pray in your holy name, Christ our King