Approach and confession prayer 27 January 2019

The voice of the heavens proclaim the glory of God

their speech goes out to all the earth

their words to the ends of the earth

the moon and stars reflecting light into the night

the glow of the dawn in hues of crimson and ochre

painting a picture of awe

showing that God is in the world

with the world

over and around the world

in ways we can barely comprehend

barely understand

so we come, with reverence and fear

humbly bowing before our God

our God, and the God of heaven and earth

our God, and the God of all people

who gives rules for our living

that are perfect, as God is perfect

these rules are trustworthy

giving light on the path

illumination on the way

which we try, day after day

to follow

The Way which leads to Christ Jesus

whose rules, laws, decrees are more precious than gold

are sweeter than honey

for in them there is great reward


life in all its fullness

Christ Jesus

come, grant us this rich reward

come, move through our worship this hour with your presence to lead and guide us

come, send your holy spirit to us that we, together

may become your body

made holy as you are holy

washed clean of all sin and wrongdoing

of all hatred and anger

of all bitterness and envy

that we can be your delight

that we, with our siblings in the world-wide church and the saints who rest with you in eternity, may combine our devotion this hour to become sweet honey, precious gold for your world

this we pray, in and through Christ Jesus