Approach and confession prayer 31 July 2022


it is in your Holy Name we gather

placing our trust in you and you alone

seeking your face to shine upon us

longing to know your grace and blessing

looking to you

who are creator of all

seen and unseen

as where our trust lies

come to us today

as we gather in the name of your Son

Jesus Christ

come to us today

as we sing your praises

as we meditate on your Word

as we seek the guidance of the Spirit


Father, Son, Spirit

we gather in your Holy Name

conscious we are far from holy

we cling to possessions

when others live without

we store up provisions for the future

when others do not have their daily bread

we use the earth’s resources

foolishly, forgetting they are yours, not ours

Oh, Lord God

for these, and the many ways we’ve failed you

forgive us we pray

in Christ Jesus

may we know we are forgiven

and may we turn to God