Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 28 February 2021

The God of Abraham praise

grant honour to our King

who sits enthroned

with triumphant hosts on high

singing holy, holy, holy

may our thanks and adoration

blend with those voices

to hail the mighty One

who keeps promises

who maintains covenants

even when the people turn away

even when nations fall

the promises of God endure forever and ever

Praise the Lord for this blessing!

Assist us to recall that blessing

no matter what

and to proclaim it aboard

in our daily lives,

in our hearts

in our thoughts

may the covenant of grace

be seen in us

Covenant making One

from the rainbow, through Abraham to the new covenant sealed by Christ’s blood

you have never failed your people

never turned away

a hundred thousand praises would be insufficient to thank you for that

as we thank you for your covenant

we thank you for the hope that lengthening, warmer days gives us

we thank you for the roll out of the Covid vaccine

for all who are tasked with the logistics of such a task

for all who will receive it

we ask for patience to be granted to those who wait

and wisdom to those who decide who is next in the priority list

we bring before you teachers and school staff, as they complete their first week of some pupils being back in school

we also bring before you parents and siblings still waiting to return

may schools be safe places of learning

we think of couples getting married, wondering whether to postpone or go ahead with few present

we also recall the bereaved, navigating death where familiar rituals are not present

may they all know your presence, your Love

Lord God

We thank you for the UK government’s commitment to send Covid vaccines to countries which would otherwise not afford them

may they hold to that promise

and we thank you for policy makers, relieved it’s not us

bless them, guide them and help us to support them through prayer

as we know and share the great covenant we know

In praising the God of Abraham