Approach and confession prayer 28 January 2018

The heavens declare the glory of the Lord

in nebula and stardust

in galaxies which would take light years to cross

to the beauty of a single snowflake

all from the sky

proclaiming the work of the Lord’s hands

no words are needed to understand their message

for as we gaze at them, we gaze at the work of the creator

generations have stared in wonder at the night sky

simply awed by its beauty

a beauty which covers the earth like a mantle

a beauty which envelops the whole earth

as we look into the cosmic blanket, may we look to the one who made the night sky

the one who made us

the one who came to us, in Jesus Christ

that we may come to him

may we look to Jesus

who invites us to come and see

come and see all he wishes us to know about ourselves

come and see all he wishes to show us about God’s Word

God’s Word which is in our lips

as we heard scripture read

as we sing hymns to familiar tunes

as we ponder on the Word

may it go into our hearts, change our minds

that all our praise and prayers may be acceptable in your sight Lord God

mingling with the great company of angels in heaven and on earth in a never ending hymn of praise

which resonates through the ages and with the whole church

a church founded and built through Jesus Christ our Lord, the King of Heaven

who invites us to confess before him our sins and failings

High King of Heaven

in our pride and weakness we have failed you and we are sorry.

Forgive us our sins and bind us with the cords of compassion that we may once more follow you when you say “Come and you will see”

may we know this forgiveness is true, as it was revealed to us in Jesus Christ