Approach and confession prayer 20 January 2019

Let praise and adoration and wonder be on our lips and in our hearts this hour

As we worship Love divine

Love incarnate

Love with and for us

love which never fails

This is God

the God of all the universe

the God of all creation

the fountain of life

what we can drink from

drink the best of wine and delight

drink the best of wine in abundance

for us

as guests at the great heavenly banquet

where heaven and earth meet

at this time, in this place

in our coming together a Christ’s church

to worship

to pray

to sing

to be one with him

now and always

Eternal Christ

at the wedding feast you turned water into wine

in huge quantities

the first sign of your glory

may we become your vessels,

filled with goodness, compassion, love

that we may be signs of your glory

fills us full to the brim with the holy spirit that it is impossible for your glory not to spill out into the world

as we are filled with your glory

empty us of all hate, anger, bitterness, sorrow, envy

all which does not show the abundant grace and goodness of God

who is our all in all

our King

the one in whom we rejoice

our unfailing love

revealed to us in Jesus Christ