Communion 29 May 2022

The prison guard set a meal before Paul and Silas

food brings people together

no matter their status

no matter their faith

today, this meal


bread and wine

is set before us

set and made by human hands

yet set before us

by Jesus himself

so come

come and share this holy feast


receive this sacrament in faith

Holy, Holy, Holy

Lord God Almighty

praise and honour are yours and your alone

only you are worthy of all we are

only you can set us free from those things which bind us

only you can fill us

fill us with your grace and power and love

with thankful and humble hearts we come today

we come to this table

longing to be fed and filled

fed and filled by this bread and wine

which through faith

and the power of the Holy Spirit might become for us

your body and blood

and in receiving it

we may

with saints across time and space

become the body and blood

of Jesus in the world

as we receive again

this sign of the covenant Jesus made

to remember him until he comes again


On the night Jesus was betrayed

after giving thanks he took bread,

broke it and said

this is my body, broken for you.”

later, that same evening

he took the cup of wine and said

this cup is the new covenant, sealed with my blood. Drink of it all of you.”

we drink this wine and eat this bread in faith

to remember Jesus

until he comes again

taste and see that God is good

We praise and honour you, Jesus

for all you have done for us

your death, your resurrection

your presence with us through the Spirit

you sustaining us in faith and in this meal

may we be set free from all which would bind us

to the ways of the world

that we may live as those who

do more than remember you in this meal

but live as those who remember you

every day of our lives