Approach and confession prayer 4 November 2018 version 2

Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord O, our souls

Let us praise to the Lord our whole lives through

For the Lord is the maker of heaven and earth

from the deepest depths of the sea

to highest mountain peaks

all are the handicraft of God’s hands

moulded and formed by God’s decree

held gently in the palm of God’s hands

God knows each fish and bird

appreciated each fin and feather

perceived the beauty in every creature

made through God’s Word

sustained by God’s Love

the same love which holds us in the palm of God’s hands this day

This is God

who looks at us with compassion

the compassion of a perfect, loving Father

our heavenly Father

who comes to us in Christ Jesus

holding before us the wounds he carries

the wounds which speak undeniably of love

love for us

love for the world

Christ Jesus

we bow at you feet

knowing you are our Lord, our Master, our Saviour

longing that our worship, our prayer, our praise

may speak to our deepest needs

may be the adoration you truly long for us to show you

where your love overwhelms us with joy and compassion and righteousness

where we cannot stop smiling at the wonder of knowing you

for as we bow at your feet

we can see the wounds of love on them

wounds which remind us that, where we have fallen short on love,

fallen short on grace

fallen short on compassion

you loved us to the cross and lift us up

forgive us

and show us we are your brothers and sisters

made one in the Spirit

with one another and the whole church

in our witness to our God

who meets us here

in this time, in this place