Thanksgiving and intercession 11 February 2018

Lord God

not all of us are athletes,

not many of us can even run

but we all are disciples of Jesus

willing to follow where we are lead

as people of the way

together, joined to one another through our grafting into Christ

with all in this church and all churches throughout this land

we praise you we are brothers and sisters

we thank you that your deepest desire is for us to be the best we can be

in our service to you

and to your creation

Christ Jesus

reach out and touch us

fill us with the Holy Spirit

that we may reach out and touch others with your healing caress

bringing wholeness to the broken in spirit

bringing wellness to the sick

bringing strength to the weak

bringing hope to the forlorn

in this church,

in our families

in our communities

And teach us to set aside all within us which would prevent wholeness and wellness coming into this place

Lord God

we praise you that you have removed our sackcloths and clothed us with joy

joy in knowing your love

may that joy be infectious to others

that they may see that joy in us and wish to know that

may we find joy in the service of Christ Jesus

in and through whom we run the race

a race where we are determined to do the best we can

to your glory and honour

Now and forever