Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 20 October 2019

God of Justice

on the throne you reign

above and beyond time and space

hearing the prayers of your people across borders, languages, cultures and religions

thank you that even our prayers are listened to and acted on

in your great mercy and love

we are grateful we can offer prayers in the night and in the day

in the dark and in the light

in the street and in the forest

in silence and in speaking

we are blessed to know we can do this

and we praise you for this our God


Good Judge

the deliberations and decision you make are beyond our understanding

too high for us to grasp

too much for us to ascertain

for your ways are not the ways of humans

and we praise and thank you for that

that in all things, you are in control

and, for that too, we thank you

though we realise we sometimes need reminded of that


we are blessed to live in a country where judges are independent of government

appointed for their knowledge of the law

from Sheriffs to Supreme Court Judges

we may not always agree with their judgements, but we are thankful for all they do in delivering justice in this land of ours

we pray for countries where there is corruption and money talks more than right and wrong

what can we do to change this, Lord Jesus?

How can we make things better for those thousands of miles away who cannot get the justice they seek?

In faith, we offer our prayers for them, knowing that is all we can do


Listening One

hear the prayers we offer for the dispossessed

the refugee

the disabled person

the person on benefits

the person too proud to ask for help

the isolated

the lonely

the sad

the hungry

hear our pray for all of these, some know, some unknown to us

all known and loved by You

and grant us the courage, wisdom and grace to, in all the ways we can, to help those known to us

through faith in the living God

who longs for all God’s people to taste the sweetness of the law of love

Lord, hear our prayers

offered in and through Jesus Christ our Lord