Approach and confession 10 May 2018

Sing praise to God

Sing to our King

Sing to our God, the King of all the earth

For God is worthy of all our praise and devotion

Sing praise to the King

whose throne was established from eternity and

who is robed in splendour

robed in majesty and armed with strength

blessed be the one who sits on the throne

Power and supremacy sit on that throne

where all authority on heaven and on earth met

through the one whose melody of love sings throughout the universe

calling to all who would hear

listen to me, know me, love me

as your God, your King, your Saviour

Blessed are we who can come to bow at this throne

bow in awe and wonder at all God has done in the life of the world

bow in awe and wonder that we may look upon the face of the Lord and live

bow in awe and wonder that we can join with all people of faith in worship of the omnipotent King of Kings

who promises good things for us, for our children, for our children’s children and for all the faithful in all places and times

All powerful King

may our praise and prayer be acceptable in your sight this day

may it be honourable, pleasing in your sight, mingling with the prayers and praise of all God’s people in heaven and on earth in the never ending song of praise

Praise worthy God

there is so much we forget to do in this world

we forget you came, in your Son Christ Jesus, to show us the way

we forget you love us enough to send us to do your work in the world

we forget to love you and love our neighbour

in your great mercy and love cleanse all our doubt and fears,

take away all our despair and anxiety

wipe clean our iniquity

so we may be prepared and waiting for Christ’s return

in glory and in power