Approach and confession prayer 14 March 2021


creator of all seen and unseen

maker of all around and within us

shaper of continents and moulder of our flesh

we worship you

we fall humbly at your feet

in supplication

in awe and wonder

at your majesty

afraid to look upon you

to look at your radiant light

we feel safer in the shroud of the darkness

we long to know the truth

but are reluctant to come into the light

the light of your great love

God and King of the Universe

revealed through Christ Jesus

Revealing Christ

shine your light on us we pray

disclose your truth to us we ask

show your love we petition

that, our worship may be acceptable in your sight

that, we may place our wrongdoings at your feet

confessing that we have failed to seek the truth

we have fallen short of the way of love

we have hidden in the darkness of the sins we have committed

individually and in common with others

we are truly sorry

and seek, anew, your forgiveness

now, what do we see

your hand, Christ Jesus

reaching down to us

lifting our heads towards your throne

asking us to look at you and find forgiveness, redemption, life

what a glorious sight

may we fix our eyes always on you

in this time of worship

and every day of our lives