Thanksgiving and intercession prayer 27 January 2019

Anointing One

Through baptism we are joined with Christ

who is the anointed one

coming with the power of the spirit to show the world the Lord is here

we exalt you for this

that we, through him, are anointed

anointed by the Spirit to bring freedom to the oppressed

this is a daunting task

and we shirk from it

for we do not think we can do this, nor are good enough

Anointing One

anoint us anew

that through your blessing

we can bless others

and always thank and honour you for your constant trust in us as your church

Constant Christ

there is no changing with you

you who were there at the birth of galaxies

are our constant companion

walking alongside us when the path is wide

walking before us when the path narrows ans becomes harder

carrying us when we can walk on our own no more

we praise and thank you for this consistency

on which we can rely

as we try to walk the Way you lead us on

show us those we are called to set free

set free from prisons of loneliness, unworthiness, isolation

set free from prisons which entrap the soul

set free from patterns of life where it is hard to break free and be whole

shoe us those we are called to give sight to

those among us who only see church within these 4 walls

those in our communities who will not see the good news is for them

those who are actually blind or partially sighted that they can live full active lives, despite their disability

show us those we are called to release from oppression

the oppression of violence

the oppression of persecution

the oppression of poverty

the oppression of injustice

the oppression of fitting into society’s expectations

where we can do something, give us courage and wisdom to do so

where we think we can do nothing, remind us prayer is our most powerful action

Praying Jesus

we thank you we can talk to you in prayer

offering that which lies heavy on our hearts, knowing you understand them all